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Links for January 5th through January 10th

by Mel Starrs on January 12, 2012

in News

These are my links for January 5th through January 10th:

  • Are we really heading for a housing crisis? | Blog – Short, coherent post, worth a read: "So while it might seem that we actually have close to the required total number of homes across the UK they appear to be neither in the correct location nor sized for our future needs. But should the tail wag the dog?"
  • Energy statistics: statistical press release – Department of Energy and Climate Change – "Energy Trends and Quarterly Energy Prices publications are published today 22 December 2011 by the Department of Energy and Climate Change.
    Energy Trends covers statistics on energy production and consumption, in total and by fuel, and provides an analysis of the year on year changes, and now includes a section on renewables.
    Quarterly Energy Prices covers prices to domestic and industrial consumers, prices of oil products and comparisons of international fuel prices."
  • Good Homes Alliance – Sustainable House Building, Eco Construction – News – Important study: "The GHA have completed the first phase of its field-leading monitoring and feedback programme. The programme, launched last year and sponsored by the Energy Saving Trust (EST) and Communities and Local Government (CLG) allowed the GHA to compare the performance of four energy efficient dwellings at three member developments (post construction); against Government regulations and targets, and to compare the actual measured performance against predicted performance.
    Three out of four of the dwellings achieved a measured heat loss level compliant with the Part L 2013 Building Regulations design target. The tests did detect a performance gap, but showed a measured whole house heat loss of an average of only 14% higher than designed, which is significantly less than the 60% performance gap recorded for other new homes in a previous study in 2008."
  • Questions About Organic Produce and Sustainability – – Organic agriculture not always 'sustainable' – interesting article from NYT: "While traditional organic farmers saw a blemish or odd shape simply as nature’s variations, workers at Sueño Tropical are instructed to cull tomatoes that do not meet the uniform shape, size and cosmetic requirement of clients like Whole Foods. Those “seconds” are sold locally."
  • Deciding Green in the Real Estate Industry: case study of Green Value evaluation on an existing building | Downloads | Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors – "This paper, by Frank Hovorka MRICS and Vinh-Nghi Tiet, discusses methods to integrate sustainability in usual decision tools, based on a real investment case study."
  • RHI re-opens with revised tariffs – Modern Building Services – "As expected, the Renewable Heat Incentive for large biomass installations was sharply reduced when the scheme opened to applicants after a delay to resolve its compatibility with EU state-aid rules. The new rate for large biomass of 1 MWh and above is 1 p/kWh, compared with 2.6 p/kWh previously. There was an increase in the rate for smaller commercial biomass of less than 1 MW and also for small and large ground-source commercial heat pumps."
  • RenewableUK Press Release: Top scientist says renewable energy offers best value for money – "His "least-cost" scenario envisages that by 2050, the UK will generate 42% of its electricity from renewable sources, 31% from nuclear and 27% from gas. Adding more renewables to the energy mix drives down costs by 1.8%, according to Professor MacKay."