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BREEAM, Part L and my digital life

by Mel Starrs on February 19, 2012

in BREEAM, Me, elsewhere, Part L

I feel like I’ve been blogging quite a lot lately, but then I realised most of what I’ve written has been pubished in magazines and on other websites. So a quick update is due.

This blogpost on “Defending BREEAM (again)” led to BD asking if I’d write the pro side of the Debate piece “Should the coalition scrap Breeam(sic)“. I was pitched against Jonathan Hines of Architype, who I’ve known on Twitter for a while but only met recently in person. I could pick holes in Jonathan’s arguments but now I’ve met him, it doesn’t seem quite polite. I’ll just say that BREEAM (please note capitalisation, BD subs) does not mandate renewables. As I started to argue here I don’t think Passivhaus is the panacea of green building.

Anyway, an interesting point about the original blogpost is that Amanda Bailieu came up in conversation a couple of times since I wrote it. Remember this kerfuffle back in November 2009? What I hadn’t realised was that Amanda’s questioning of man made climate change editorial was divorced entirely from the Twitter to’ing and fro’ing (which as I remember it was over the Nicholson vs. Grainger case) and so the context was missed. At times like this I’m glad I bothered to blog and can go back and remind myself how things happened at the time.

And Gove still hasn’t made an announcement on schools and BREEAM one way or the other.

The second piece I wrote was for Building magazine and is on Part L1A 2013 consultation and the potential death of renewables from housing (thanks to NPPF, potential death of Merton Rule and the consequences of a fabric first approach to Part L 2013). I’ve got a longer piece to write on this which I’ll try to get up soon. I was also quoted in this article on SAP 2012 (the consultation is running concurrently with the Part L 2013 consultation – SAP coming under DECC and Part L coming under DCLG. I’m still not sure why this is?)

Finally, I had great fun writing the “My Digital Life” column, again for Building magazine. I mention The Art of Managing Professional Services: Insights from Leaders of the World’s Top Firms which I’ve just finished reading on the Kindle (there’s a delay between writing the article and publication – I’m not *that* fast a reader) which again I want to write a post about, but I’d urge anyone who’s thinking of doing an MBA and who works for an engineering or architectural firm to read it. Very few MBA’s are set up for ‘knowledge workers’ – there’s a dirth of case studies set in professional services firms and this book goes some way to plugging that gap. Thanks to Marjanne Pearson for recommending the book (that link is her review).