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UKGBC – Business Plan for “UK Built Environment Plc”

by Mel Starrs on March 15, 2012

in Strategies & Consultations

UKGBC have recently made announcements on their plan to develop a business plan for “UK Built Environment Plc”, with Deloitte steering the research:

The mega company needs to develop a plan for the next 40 years. By developing PEST-based scenarios for future operating environments, and conducting SWOT analyses to determine a range of strategic options, the mega company will decide which divisions should be expanded, which ones will probably have to be wound up (and when), and which new ideas need to be incubated or accelerated, based on the pursuit of high value, low carbon products and services.

Ah – good old PEST and SWOT analysis – if there’s one thing I learned on my MBA it was how to draw a 2×2 matrix to visualise ‘stuff’. For my dissertation back in 2007 I drew up both PEST and SWOT for BREEAM.

For those who don’t know PEST stands for Political, Economic (or Environmental), Social and Technological. The most impressive collection of such an analysis I’ve seen is the Arup Drivers of Change set of cards. The set I have are the first edition, so some of the information has gone slightly out of date (and the set-up is STEEP rather than PEST – using both E’s). They’re a great starting point for high level strategic research reports – I sincerely hope Deloitte and UKGBC aren’t reinventing the wheel and starting from scratch when this already exists.

I’ll be interested to see where UKGBC draw the boundaries for “UK Built Environment Plc” as that will influence the SWOT analysis (S and W being the internal strengths and weaknesses – internal in this case could be quite large and very varied – O and T being external Opportunities and Threats – which if the boundaries are drawn wide enough could exclude competitors within the industry – intriguing…).

I look forward to seeing the outputs in the late spring/early summer…

  • Simon Owen

    Great intro to what could be a fantastic initiative. I think you’ve asked the key question in that are they going to try and re-invent the wheel. Provided they don’t, and let us hope not, is the industry as a whole ready to get involved with such an initiative or are we still in the situation where it is difficult to look beyond the here and now?

  • Duncan

    Thanks for the Drivers of Change mention! For info, all the cards are also available online at – each card has its own webpage.

  • John Alker

    Reinventing wheels? Does that sound like us, Mel? We’re pinching, sorry borrowing and building on, stuff left, right and centre.

    If people want to get involved and help shape, drop me a line. This is member-led like everything we do. John