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Links for March 12th from 13:47 to 13:47

by Mel Starrs on March 16, 2012

in News

These are my links for March 12th from 13:47 to 13:47:

  • USGBC Blog: LEED 2012: Why Now? – "For LEED 2012, USGBC has developed its own impact categories that are even more closely aligned with our mission and vision. They are:
    Reduce Contribution to Global Climate Change
    Enhance Individual Human Health and Well-Being
    Protect and Restore Water Resources
    Protect and Restore Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services
    Promote Sustainable and Regenerative Material Resource Cycles
    Build a Green Economy
    Enhance Community: Social Equity, Environment Justice and Quality of Life
    By establishing impact categories, we get to a point where we are all marching toward a common vision. A critical step toward achieving these goals is intricately linked to the launch of LEED 2012. The technical changes associated with LEED 2012 are focused around transparency and performance in order to build a better understanding of how projects are performing around these impact categories (to the extent that we are able to assign metrics to them)."