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Happy 6th Blogday to me!

by Mel Starrs on April 11, 2012

in Blogging and social networks, Housekeeping

It’s 6 years since I first pressed ‘publish’ on this blog. It’s a nearly annual ritual for me to write up some stats and thoughts (although I managed to forget last year for my 5th blogday, but 4th, 3rd, 2nd and first are all available).

Despite my best attempts to break the blog through hack attacks and my own limitations with WordPress (for example, I’m currently not showing up on the front page of Google at all since I re-installed WordPress a few weeks ago – I’m sure I’ll figure it out but I’m not in any danger of running off and becoming an SEO/marketing WordPress genius any time soon. My awesome blog skillz breaking stuff are a recurring theme over the past 6 years), I seem to have managed to retain a core audience who keep reading, commenting and Tweeting – thank you everyone!

I’ve been accused of giving too much away on the blog – but believe me I receive as much knowledge (and even paid work) through interactions on the blog, that the input I pay in pretty much pays for itself. And I’m naturally nosy and this allows me to have conversations with far more people across the country than I ever would ‘in real life’. If you are concerned that I am giving too much away for free, feel free to click through to any of my amazon affilated links so I can earn some more money to feed my Kindle addiction.

The numbers for the past year are actually a little bit down on the previous year, but my bounce rates are better – so fewer people are finding me, but staying for longer when they do. Growth was exponential till year 4, but seems to have levelled out for now at around 25,000 hits per year.

Weirdly, my highest hit blogpost is still my Rough Guide to BREEAM 2008, with 1,464 hits last year (a total of 6,021 hits since publication in June 2008). Which reminds me, I really ought to write a follow up for BREEAM 2011!

My average blogpost (as opposed to list of recommended links which I do weekly via delicious) are around 1000 words long. I managed 35 ‘proper’ posts in the last 12 months which is almost halfway to a novel. In 6 years I’ve published over 800 posts in total, around half of which are ‘linkfest’ type posts.

Oh, and by the way, the three guys I teased for not having twitter accounts in the 4th Blogday post ALL now have twitter accounts. Resistance is futile.

Here’s to blogging – twitter may have replaced blog comments, but blogs are still alive and kicking…