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Links for April 17th through April 18th

by Mel Starrs on April 21, 2012

in News

These are my links for April 17th through April 18th:

  • Government to slash planning guidance | Online News | Building – “Clark, speaking at a seminar on the NPPF in London yesterday, said: “We’re now conducting a review of the underpinning guidance, which will concentrate on focusing it, finding out what is necessary to be there. We hope this will result in a body that is less voluminous that then 6,000 pages currently there at the moment.”
    Clark comments refer to a raft of planning circulars and good practice guides issued in recent years to supplement previous planning policy, and which, theoretically, are still currently in effect. This is distinct from previous policy statements, called PPSs, which were almost entirely cancelled with last month’s publication of the NPPF.
    Much of the extant advice covers issues such as how practically to carry out measures called for in planning policy, such as how councils should go about assess housing need.”
  • I’m a celebrity – get me on board – The Regeneration Blog – Jackie hits the nail on the head re: celebs & government: “But you know there are a shed load of quiet professionals out there who know, really know, how to crack problems like these, were they to be empowered to do so. “