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Links for April 22nd through April 26th

by Mel Starrs on April 28, 2012

in News

These are my links for April 22nd through April 26th:

  • Exclusive: Contractors’ PFI school payments tied to green targets | Online News | Building – "Building understands the government is now planning to ensure that under its Priority Schools Building Programme (PSBP), expected to come to market in September after a six-month delay, the government will implement post-occupancy checks on energy use, with contractors paid for actual performance in use of the schools. Currently, no such checks are undertaken."
  • Product & Material Terminology for Ska Rating | Sustainability and Commercial Design Interiors – "The following instances are applicable and can be stated:
    A product or material COMPLIES with Ska Rating Criteria (or one of them if there are multiple options) or,
    A product or material MEETS the Ska Rating Criteria.
    The only ‘thing’ that achieves a Ska Rating is the whole project."
    In both examples the sector and version of the tools must be included as criteria are updated between versions. So if a product was compliant in Offices v1.0 and the GPM has been updated in v1.1 it could then be out of date for the later and would be missinforming audiences.
  • BlingNoMore » Language Barrier – Good post from Doug: "One of the key issues that did arise from the discussions however, was that of language. It is becoming clear to me that we designers do not speak the same language when we talk about sustainability as is spoken by property investors and those who appraise buildings. This results in the standard tick-list approach to environmental appraisal, as we see embodied in rating systems such as BREEAM and LEED, becoming the default intermediary for communicating sustainability between parties. Unfortunately, any rating system that is simple enough that it can be applied universally, by expert designers and non experts assessors alike, must contain elements of compromise. At the moment, that compromise appears to be manifesting itself in a loss of essential energy performance and operational information."
  • Government drops plans for standardised school designs | Magazine News | Building – Not looking hopeful for retaining BREEAM, reading between the lines: "Mairi Johnson also said this week that the the government’s new “simplified” school premises regulations would be implemented in September.
    She said DfE had tasked the EFA with reducing and guidance to 25% of its current level and that the regulations would now only cover aspects of school premises that were not covered by other bits of legislation, such as health and safety, in a bid to reduce bureaucracy.
    These would include aspects such as medical accommodation, acoustics, lighting, water supplies and outdoor space, as well as toilets and washing facilities, although she said the new regulations would no longer prescribe how many toilets schools should have, only that there should be “enough”."