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Links for May 18th from 10:04 to 10:47

by Mel Starrs on May 19, 2012

in News

These are my links for May 18th from 10:04 to 10:47:

  • Simplified green regulations proposed to cut build costs | News | Inside Housing – "Social housing developers in Northern Ireland could be allowed to abandon ‘complicated’ green building regulations in favour of a simpler system under plans to save money on building homes.
    The government in Northern Ireland is expected to unveil a review into current building regulations in order to cut the cost of building for social landlords in its draft housing strategy that will be published in the coming weeks.
    It is expected to reconsider a raft of social housing standards, such as lifetime homes, the code for sustainable homes and secured by design, to which developers are required to adhere, so landlords only need meet broader building requirements. This would bring public sector house building requirements in line with private sector practices."
  • Green crisis? | Blog – Good blog from Nick Duxbury on the alleged Green Deal 'crisis': "…the BBC’s green deal crisis story is much more closely bound to the fact that green deal will fail to tackle fuel poverty than it is to its failure continue subsidising the insulation sector sufficiently. The fundamental problem is that retrofitting homes to cut carbon does not necessarily mean reducing fuel poverty. This has long been flagged up by the Hills Report which was commissioned by the government."