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Links for May 29th through May 31st

by Mel Starrs on June 2, 2012

in News

These are my links for May 29th through May 31st:

  • Department of Energy and Climate Change Blog» Blog Archive » Researching public attitudes to smart meters – "Today sees the publication of a new piece of research into public attitudes to smart meters. We commissioned this research in January this year to deepen our understanding of the attitudes that people hold towards smart meters and why they hold particular views. 120 respondents from a range of different ages, regions and backgrounds took part and the results have made for interesting reading.
    The key findings highlight that consumers with smart meters and In Home Displays (IHDs) had felt that not only had the IHDs illustrated the impact of their appliances on energy consumption, but had also changed their behaviour. The IHDs had helped to prompt users to switch off appliances which no longer needed to be on, such as TVs and phone chargers. And it was also encouraging to read that smart meters had helped users to identify and replace ‘culprit’ or ‘high use’ appliances such as an ageing fridge freezer, or to change spotlights for LEDs."
  • Passivhaus developments to make use of Greenprint – As Passivhaus evolves in the UK with larger multi-res and non residential developments now being considered, developers and architects are being asked to demonstrate compliance with local authority requirements that are not directly addressed by certified Passivhaus buildings.
    GreenPrint is a bespoke site-wide sustainability assessment framework that is flexible to the local areas exact needs. Developed in consultation with local stakeholders, the design team and the local authority it is able to address issues written into a local authority’s sustainability plans and policies, but will also consider specific site and location issues and opportunities.
    Due to GreenPrint’s flexibility and versatility it is able to compliment multi-residential Passivhaus developments directly recognising the benefits of the certified buildings.
  • The Value of ‘Green’: Evidence from the First Mandatory Residential Green Building Program by Ramya Rajajagadeesan Aroul, J. Hansz :: SSRN – "There has been recent interest in green building and development practices and research. Resulting from growing environmental awareness and concerns, mandatory residential green building programs have been implemented nationally at the municipal level and Texas has passed legislation to create a statewide program. However, the impact of greenness on residential property values has not been rigorously evaluated. This study examines residential transaction prices in two cities and finds a statistically significant premium associated with ‘‘green’’ properties. Additionally, there is evidence of a larger premium associated with green properties located in Frisco, Texas, which has the nation’s first mandatory residential green building program."