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Links for June 29th through July 3rd

by Mel Starrs on July 6, 2012

in News

These are my links for June 29th through July 3rd:

  • George Monbiot – False Summit – Don't read if already depressed – DOOM: "We have confused threats to the living planet with threats to industrial civilisation. They are not, in the first instance, the same thing. Industry and consumer capitalism, powered by abundant oil supplies, are more resilient than many of the natural systems they threaten. The great profusion of life in the past – fossilised in the form of flammable carbon – now jeopardises the great profusion of life in the present.
    There is enough oil in the ground to deepfry the lot of us, and no obvious means by which we might prevail upon governments and industry to leave it in the ground."
  • – "Total primary energy consumption for energy uses fell by 2.3 per cent. However, when adjusted to take account of weather differences between 2011 and 2012, primary energy consumption fell by 1.1 per cent.
    Of electricity generated in the first quarter of 2012, gas accounted for 27 per cent (its lowest share in the last fourteen years) due to high gas prices, whilst coal accounted for 42 per cent. Nuclear generation accounted for 17 per cent of total electricity generated in the first quarter of 2012, a decrease from the 19 per cent share in the first quarter of 2011."
  • Johnson Controls releases building efficiency report | News | Heating and Ventilation News – "Green building certifications, or voluntary rating systems, are on the rise with 44 per cent planning to certify existing buildings, up from 35 per cent the year before. Further, 43 per cent plan to certify new construction projects. In Europe, 55 per cent of respondents now have at least one certified green building, 50 per cent in the United Kingdom.
    Thirty five per cent of respondents in Europe planned to pursue certification in new buildings (compared to 31 per cent in 2011) and 44 per cent in existing buildings (compared to 36 per cent in 2011).
    “Tenants are willing to pay more to locate their offices in energy efficient buildings,” said Myers. The survey found nearly a quarter of those who responded are willing to pay a premium for space in a certified green building."