Building Physics

This post is inspired by a conversation I had on Twitter on Sunday afternoon with @dbourbon, @SuButcher and @Revit3D. Yes, I know I bang on about Twitter far too often, but seriously. LOVE it. Revit3D wrote a blog post which I have tried to follow up here. The conversation started along the lines of debating […]


Developments in Degree Days

by mel starrs on May 21, 2008

in Building Physics

Readers may have missed this comment posted recently by Martin B, so I’ve reprinted it in full here: Another belated follow up on your post (original post here): we just recently launched Degree, a free site for generating degree days: Since writing that article about problems with degree days, many of which are […]


Degree Days redux

by mel starrs on November 2, 2007

in Building Physics

Hidden away in the archives is this post on degree days.  Martin Bromley from BizEE Software Ltd recently added a comment to the post highlighting an article he has written called “Degree Days – Handle with care“.  I thought it warranted a mention, rather than being stuck in the comments.  One point he makes in […]


Do you know where true south is?

by mel starrs on January 18, 2007

in Building Physics

Fascinating snippet regarding the orientation of buildings: “McDonough pointed out that many architects and builders don’t know how to find true south. If a compass is used, the compass indicates south, which can differ from true south by more than 15 degrees. Remember, orienting a home is about orienting the home to sun exposure, not […]


Degree Days weather data via Vilnus Vesma

by Mel Starrs on September 13, 2006

in Building Physics

I’m afraid I’m 3 years late in noticing this, but it must be 3 years since I last tried to look up any degree day data online. The online home for degree day data has been with Vilnus Vesma since before I had my own connection to the internet at work (anyone else remember having […]


Productivity and the heat

by mel starrs on July 19, 2006

in Building Physics, Productivity

Today is the hottest July day on record in the UK with temperatures reaching 36.3 degrees celcius at Gatwick and 33 degrees at my desk (the thermometer had been in the shade – I moved it into the light to get a better picture) This was with outside air temperatures at 29 degrees in Leeds.  […]

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