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I had the enormous pleasure of being asked by Claire Walker of CKE (Centre for Knowledge Exchange) to present the keynote speech at last week’s Green Vision Building CSR event at Old Broadcasting House, Leeds Met. Leeds being my spiritual home (having studied (twice), worked and lived there for about 10 years on and off) […]


BREEAM, Part L and my digital life

by Mel Starrs on February 19, 2012

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I feel like I’ve been blogging quite a lot lately, but then I realised most of what I’ve written has been pubished in magazines and on other websites. So a quick update is due. This blogpost on “Defending BREEAM (again)” led to BD asking if I’d write the pro side of the Debate piece “Should […]


What was that about avoiding Boom and Bust?

by Mel Starrs on January 5, 2012

in Feed In Tariff

We’re still awaiting resolution to the FiT fiasco (the government have appealed the High Court ruling so basically we are all still in limbo – no-one knows what the current rate is – hopiung to find out by January 11, maybe…). In the meantime, Building have reported the numbers for PV installations over the last […]


This will be my final post on the solar FiT consultation for now. I’ll start with a quick overview and then comment on the consultation itself. There has been so much comment and articles elsewhere trying to keep up with absolutely everything has been impossible (especially with all the other announcements and consultations out right […]


This is the fourth in my series of blog posts on the feed-in-tariff cuts for PV consultation. The previous entries are: Feed-in-tariff for PV review – the number crunching PV Feed-in-Tariff Review: Impact on the private householder with capital market Fuel poverty, roof renting and Feed-in-tariff – some number crunching I reckon I have one […]


In this second installation of my posts on the recent PV FiT review, I am going to concentrate on the private householder market. These are individuals with capital in the bank who have the roof space available and have decided their money is better off invested on their roof rather than in the bank. Firstly, […]


This is part one in my series of posts in response to the Feed-in-tariff review – I’ve had a request for the number crunching first, so I’m not going to comment on the wider issues until later posts. These numbers are illustrative only and not intended to be taken as financial advice (obvious – but […]


Acquistions, due diligence and financial geekery

by Mel Starrs on September 30, 2011

in Industry gossip

So the big news story of this week (for me, anyway) was the CH2M Hill £230m acquisition of Halcrow: Workers at Halcrow are to share the spoils after the engineering consultancy decided to end 143 years of independence with an agreed sale to CH2M Hill, a US peer, for £230m including debt. Pre-tax profits at […]

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Data and Chalk Farm

by Mel Starrs on August 11, 2011

in Economics

This is not the blog to comment on the recent rioting – it’s been done to death elsewhere. I’ve been out of the country for most of it, but had I been at home, Chalk Farm is near enough to it to have my mother text to me to see if I’m OK. Evans cycles […]


Quite a week for PV (some of what follows also relates to other small scale renewables but PV is the main issue here). An announcement was made by HCA last week regards double counting funding with regards to FiT (feed-in-tariff). The gist is that FiT cannot be claimed by Partners on NAHP funded schemes for […]