A lesson in carbon conversion factors

by Mel Starrs on December 5, 2006

in Economics

The Stern Report has kicked off some of the most immature tit for tat I have ever come across. Monckton vs. Monbiot, Lomborg vs. Stern etc., etc. It’s like watching a playground tiff – fascinating to watch grown men getting their knickers in a twist, basically over semantics, politics and economics. I could loftily ignore […]


Cost Benefit Analysis for Windsave system

by Mel Starrs on October 10, 2006

in Economics, Renewables

Mark Brinkley has bought a domestic wind turbine. If you don’t know who Mark is, he is author of cult self-build manual ‘The Housebuilder’s Bible’. I couldn’t resist running the numbers Windsave quote on their website to see how long Mark will have to wait to see a return on his investment of £1498. I’ve […]


Ethics, economics and incentives

by mel starrs on May 10, 2006

in Economics

David Jeffery, at Oikos (an Australian based blog) has managed to articulate something I have been musing on for some time. As luck would have it, I have also just read the first chapter of ‘Freakonomics‘ which examines incentives (I’ll do a proper review of Freakonomics when I finish it). Anyway, David’s argument stems from […]