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Turns out the message isn’t half as important as how the message is conveyed. Sounds rational, doesn’t it? I started writing this post with a view to reviewing carbon rationing but it quickly evolved into a lesson on communicating and persuasion. I’ll begin with a video of Mayer Hillman on YouTube from BBC Breakfast on […]


Condensed from the ESPRC press release: New research published 25 September 2006 by the Economic and Social Research Council shows that positive, informative strategies which help people set specific environmental goals are far more effective when it comes to encouraging behaviour change than negatives strategies which employ messages of fear, guilt or regret. Theories have […]


Learn, zero, sell, people…

by Mel Starrs on April 26, 2006

in Psychology & Marketing

I’m unashamedly pinching my topic today from a great post over at Inhabitat last week on ‘The Next Big Thing in Green Building‘. Guest writer Jared summarises his finding from the Developing Green conference. His four key ideas were learn, zero, sell and people. What I love about this medium (the internet) is the realisation […]