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There has been lots of comment in the press about how the cuts to feed-in-tariff will add to fuel poverty but a dearth of numbers so far. I just couldn’t help myself – I had to do some digging. Firstly, a short history of fuel poverty and the official definition. The current definition (which I […]


Quite a week for PV (some of what follows also relates to other small scale renewables but PV is the main issue here). An announcement was made by HCA last week regards double counting funding with regards to FiT (feed-in-tariff). The gist is that FiT cannot be claimed by Partners on NAHP funded schemes for […]


This could be huge news for DEA’s if it goes ahead. From ” Making energy performance certificate and related data publicly available: Privacy impact assessment” from CLG in Jan 2011, para 7.4.2: Where an Energy Performance Certificate is inaccurate, it must be replaced at no charge to the consumer. Energy Performance Certificates are valid for […]


Several people came back to me since my blog earlier in the week and have pointed out that the UK figures exclude embodied carbon. This is true. My favourite grumpy environmentalist George Monbiot explains it all here. All very valid points, but it doesn’t help me much when I’m in a design team meeting and […]


Several people over the past few weeks have asked me if I know how we’ve (the UK) done against our targets of reducing carbon against the 1990 baseline. Off the top of my head, I didn’t know. But I knew where to look. The DECC site has lots of statistics, including 2008 Final Greenhouse Gas […]


So news reached us today that Grant Shapps has ditched the HCA standards which had been proposed to come in April 2011. CLG heralded the move as Shapps: We’re lifting burdens from the backs of builders. Construction News were equally upbeat, announcing “Shapps announces dual boost for housebuilding“. But is it really good news? Let’s […]

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This caught my eye a few weeks ago via the Less-En blog: Going forwards, the government has stated that they will not occupy any new accommodation with an EPC rating below C, regardless of whether it is newly developed or an existing building. Interestingly, many new buildings which have already achieved planning permission have an […]


Long-time friend of the blog, Andrew Kinsey, Senior Sustainability Manager at the Athletes Village for Bovis Lend Lease, kindly invited myself and a few colleagues to have a nosey around the Athlete’s Village back at the beginning of November. We had fantastic luck with the weather as you can see from the picture, which is a […]


I’ve been doing a little market research on various sustainable buildings accreditation schemes for professionals in the UK (rather than the buildings or products) and thought a round up of my findings might be useful to others. Data is correct as of 14 August 2009. First up is CIBSE‘s LCC (Low Carbon Consultants). There are […]


I’m rediscovering Dave Snowden after bouncing him off my RSS feeds in an overzealous fit of ‘relevancy’ during my MBA. Which seems odd now, as cognitive behaviour was one of my favourite topics in the modules where it was relevant. This post is worth reading for this sentence alone: Humans display high ingenuity when you […]