It’s 6 years since I first pressed ‘publish’ on this blog. It’s a nearly annual ritual for me to write up some stats and thoughts (although I managed to forget last year for my 5th blogday, but 4th, 3rd, 2nd and first are all available). Despite my best attempts to break the blog through hack […]

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What I did on my holidays

by Mel Starrs on March 14, 2012

in Housekeeping

For those who’ve been trying to visit the site this week, you may have seen some error messages or strange layouts. I’ve been ‘on holiday’* and took the opportunity to clean up my wordpress install using this guide. Hopefully I have got rid of any nasty viruses and changed every password possible so I don’t […]

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Nothing* annoys me more than people getting the subscript 2 of CO2 the wrong way round (CO squared – grrr). Here is a MS Word tip from a colleague which should help: ・ Type a sentence with CO2 in the middle of it. (It needs to have normal text following it to prepare this AutoCorrect, […]


Apologies for the gap in transmission…

by Mel Starrs on April 30, 2011

in Housekeeping

Whilst I’ve managed to publish my link anthologies for April I failed entirely to write what I consider a proper blog post. My excuse is that I’ve been a very busy bee, living out of a suitcase for the past month. In addition to my usual weekends up in Yorkshire, I’ve been working in Newcastle, […]


In my inbox recently: Sponge is run entirely by volunteers, from helping at events to the Directors, by people who mainly make time around full time day jobs. To support this we are looking for a volunteer who would be able to spend a day a week working alongside our Director Tom Randall to develop, […]


Getting stuff done – GTD 2010

by Mel Starrs on December 19, 2010

in Getting Things Done

Recently the most asked question I find myself answering is “how do you have the time to blog?”. My facetious answer usually involves the fact that I have a cleaner, don’t have kids and live with a workaholic who spends at least as much time online as I do, but the more useful answer is […]


New blogs on the block

by Mel Starrs on August 27, 2010

in Blogging and social networks

I’ve added a few more blogs to the blogroll. I feel blogging in the industry slumped somewhat over the past 2 or 3 years, but we’re seeing a revival of sorts now. I’m not sure if Twitter is to blame, but it’s a good thing in my book. I do enjoy blogs more than magazine […]


The importance of filters

by mel starrs on July 5, 2010

in Productivity

I regularly cull my RSS feeds. And I must admit, I add in as many as I dismiss. One I keep trying over and over again is Seth Godin. He got added back in and then deleted again in quick succession. This is not to say I don’t find his posts interesting. However, I trust […]


RSA have animated Dan Pink’s talk on motivating employees. Well worth 10 minutes of your time to watch…


Planes vs Volcano vs UK Buildings

by Mel Starrs on April 23, 2010

in Fun

You may have seen the lovely infographic from Information is Beautiful comparing the daily CO2 emissions of the Iceland volcano to European air emissions earlier in the week? I couldn’t help thinking how it compared to the UK Non-domestic buildings daily emissions (as you do). Doing a quick back of the envelope calc for UK […]