Happy 4th Blogday to me

by Mel Starrs on April 12, 2010

in Housekeeping

Well, blogday itself was actually yesterday (11 April), but I figure on a sunny weekend people have better things to do than read my blog. So here’s what I can now justifiably call my annual round-up of delving into Google Analytics. Despite another year of best intentions poorly executed, traffic continues to astound me. I’m […]


What’s your hourly rate?

by Mel Starrs on March 15, 2010

in Economics, Productivity

A story in BD caught my eye last week: A London architect is offering short-term staff an hourly rate of just £5.71 — below the minimum wage of £5.80 What BD had done was split the hours per week (70 in this case) to arrive at an hourly rate. Fair enough. How many of us […]



by Mel Starrs on December 14, 2009

in Housekeeping

So I’m almost totally moved into the new pad in London and can’t quite believe I won’t be trekking up to Leeds every weekend any more. The upside is that all my books, files and clothes are now in one place, if not yet quite organised. In the spirit of spring cleaning which moving house […]

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What can I say? Moving house is not conducive to blogging. It all started with a TV aerial, which had a knock-on effect on the choice of phone and broadband and before I knew it, it’s the end of November, I have only just got a landline installed and still no TV and broadband. Obviously […]


NaBloWriMo blogfest

by Mel Starrs on November 2, 2009

in Blogging and social networks

It’s that time of year again. Time for me to do a clear out of half drafted posts and round up the scraps of paper I’ve been scribbling on, and attempt to write a blog post every day for the next month. I’m cheating, as no-one ever reads this blog on a weekend (some people […]


Buy books from me!

by Mel Starrs on September 14, 2009

in Housekeeping

I’ve succumbed to the lure of turning the blog into a cash cow (not really). As I’ve been decluttering both physical and digital worlds I’ve noticed piles of books which I want to recommend and review. This clearly hasn’t happened, so as a stop gap, I’ve set up an amazon store with short reviews on […]


Gen Y, Hollywood and a new way of working

by Mel Starrs on May 28, 2009

in Management

I’m a big fan of Charles Handy and his Hollywood model as I have mentioned before here, here and here. A post from Paul on team working and BIM caught my eye recently: …but I find that some of the issues relating to adoption of BIM are simply an extension of the issues faced in […]


This is one of those posts which blogs were originally invented for – a record of something I did to my computer which I can refer to in the future, so I know how I did it. Every company I have ever worked for has used Outlook. As a tool, it has it’s limits in […]

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Happy 3rd Blogday to me

by Mel Starrs on April 14, 2009

in Housekeeping

Well, slightly belated as 11 April 2009 was the 3rd birthday of this blog, but I figure people have better things to do with their bank holidays than read this blog. Last year I jotted down some stats, so for this following along at home, I’ll give some quick updates. My hits have increased almost […]


10 signs you might just be a geek

by Mel Starrs on March 23, 2009

in Fun

I’m not quite sure when I crossed the line from nerdy reader (a lifelong habit) to full on geekdom, but I suspect it was when I discovered blogs. I’m not ashamed by my geekiness, in fact sometimes I’m quite proud of it. But it wasn’t until I started working with a bunch of Gen Y’s […]