I had the enormous pleasure of being asked by Claire Walker of CKE (Centre for Knowledge Exchange) to present the keynote speech at last week’s Green Vision Building CSR event at Old Broadcasting House, Leeds Met. Leeds being my spiritual home (having studied (twice), worked and lived there for about 10 years on and off) […]


Kevin McCloud’s Triangle in Swindon

by Mel Starrs on November 25, 2011

in Case Studies

This piece by Rowan Moore in the Observer on Kevin McCloud’s Triangle in Swindon piqued my interest in the development again. Hattie has already done a great piece in the AJ with lots of lovely numbers in: Annual co2 emissions 11.85kg/m2 U-value of walls 0.19W/m2K U-value of glazing 1.3W/m2K Airtightness at 50pa 5m3/ Daylight factor […]


Legacy research from DCLG

by Mel Starrs on February 2, 2011

in Publications & Standards

Very unusual announcement popped over my radar today from Grant Shapps yesterday: Reports from research commissioned by the previous administration Today the Government is publishing the first group of reports presenting the findings from research projects commissioned by the previous administration. There is a significant backlog of unpublished reports that were produced by the previous government […]


As reported by Building4Change: A new ISO standard aims to bridge the gap between regional and national environmental assessment methods by providing a common framework for them to be carried out. ISO 21931-1:2010 highlights the key issues to be assessed at every stage of a construction project, from design through to operation and refurbishment or […]


The CAT Zero Carbon Britain 2030 report which came out 16 June 2010 has some interesting ideas in it, but I wasn’t immediately convinced by this one (as reported in the Ecologist): Thirteen million hectares in Britain are used mainly for grazing livestock and growing feed for them. By cutting the numbers of cows (by […]


I missed this report the first time around, but it is from RICS FiBRE (Findings in Built and Rural Environments) – Making the Business Case for Sustainable Buildings. It was brought to my attention through the UKGBC BREEAM consultation (apologies – UKGBC members only link). A short 12 page report it is worth skimming through, […]


On 27 April I attended the Sponge consultation event at RICS for the Consultation response to “Making better use of Energy Performance Certificates and data“. The consultation is open until 25 May, so you still have time to submit responses. I won’t go over the consultation contents or comments as I think Brian Scannell at […]


BREEAM vs LEED – event

by Mel Starrs on January 21, 2010

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I’m almost finished writing my final installment on BREEAM vs LEED, but I’ve run out of time to publish it this week.  In the meantime, you may be interested to know that CIBSE have a conference coming up on this very subject on 10th Feb 2010 in Balham. A snip at £225 for members. Hear […]


This announcement turned up in my inbox this morning. I’ve been involved on the periphery of Sponge and the entrepreneur event in January for a while now. Add to your calendars now! Wednesday 9th December As part of Building Magazine’s Sustainability Now event we are collaborating with them to run an online discussion on green […]


Sing a Song of Sustainable Cities

by Mel Starrs on November 4, 2009

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Last night I had the immense pleasure of catching Jaime Lerner at the RIBA Jarvis Hall in Portland Place, London. I had originally come across Lerner on TED, Chris Anderson*’s brainchild. If you aren’t already aware of TED, go check out the many and varied lectures and performances. Lerner is an architect and urban planner […]