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Hygiene and showers

by mel starrs on March 31, 2008

in Psychology & Marketing

I’m sure I was going to add something to this post, but it’s been in the drafts bin so long, I’ve forgotten what it might have been. Perhaps I was awaiting inspiration for a more witty blog title… Back in February last year Ben Casnocha had a summary of Herzberg’s concept of hygiene factors here. […]

{ 0 comments } for February 26th

by mel starrs on February 27, 2008

in News

What caught my eye today, February 26th: The Art of Speaking: ?There is a special circle in hell for those who use laser pointers,? this and other advice from a master speaker. – via Ben Casnocha, an excellent guide to public speaking and making presentations. Given all the conferences in the upcoming calendar, I hope […]