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Zero carbon housing – what does it mean?

by mel starrs on June 3, 2008

in Zero Carbon

I’ve been following the recent developments on zero carbon housing closely. The current discussions are revolving around the UKGBC’s document defining zero carbon released a couple of weeks ago. I read the document and had a couple of observations to make which I didn’t blog immediately. Instead I sat back and watched the fireworks begin. […]


ZED standards

by mel starrs on November 21, 2007

in Green Building Rating

Poking about the ZEDFactory site I came across yet more standards. Bill Dunster teamed up with Arup’s to give us ZEDstandards, which on first inspection appear to be in competition with CSH (Code for Sustainable Housing) but predate them by 2 years (2004). Arup have been down this path before – SPEAR was drafted as […]


There’s a few folk who don’t blog, but I wish they did.  And now one more does – Jonathon Porritt’s musings can be found here.  I also found Tony Jupiter of FOE via JP, blogging over at comment is free, the guardian’s collection of hosted blogs. Now if Bill McDonough and Bill Dunster would join […]


A green and murky conundrum…

by mel starrs on April 4, 2007

in Embodied Energy

Mark Brinkley has written up a great critique of Bill Dunster (of BedZED infamy) and his green philosophy, following on from the article in the Sunday Times at the weekend. Highlights include: Bill’s a fan of thermal mass, acheived by concrete (high embodied energy) He’s not a fan of mech vent, opting for wind cowls […]


Today is the last date to book for early bird discounts at the National CIBSE Conference.  Find the booking form here (pdf, 8pages) and save £50.  Despite the always frustrating business of juggling a plate of lukewarm buffet with a glass of orange precariously balanced on one of those wholly inadequate plastic holder thingies whilst never being […]


Lessons to be learnt from BedZed

by mel starrs on May 30, 2006

in Case Studies

BedZed, Bill Dunster’s pioneering zero-carbon development has been beset by a number of well publicised problems in delivering the vision. For the full details see the piece in the Guardian. The most interesting point to me is that the development has been a success ‘socially’ – always one of the hardest aspects of sustainability to […]

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