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Cradle to Cradle – virtual book group

by mel starrs on June 5, 2008

in Book Review

Discussions have been launched here. Go, join in…


Virtual Book Group

by mel starrs on May 13, 2008

in Book Review

Just a quick note to let readers know I am proposing a virtual book group on the Building Sustainability Forum in a few weeks time.  As of yesterday lunchtime, 60 people have had a look, but only one responded to the post – anyone else up for it? Wondering if anyone would like to try […]


There’s a few folk who don’t blog, but I wish they did.  And now one more does – Jonathon Porritt’s musings can be found here.  I also found Tony Jupiter of FOE via JP, blogging over at comment is free, the guardian’s collection of hosted blogs. Now if Bill McDonough and Bill Dunster would join […]


A Manifesto for Sustainability in Design

by mel starrs on April 17, 2007

in Manifestos

Found via:: WorldChanging, a manifesto from Allan Chochinov of Core 77 (online design magazine). The full 1000 word manifesto is worth a read but the headings are as follows: Hippocratic before Socratic Stop making crap Systems before artifacts Teach sustainability early Screws better than glues Design for impermanence Balance before talents Metrics before magic Climates […]

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Do you know where true south is?

by mel starrs on January 18, 2007

in Building Physics

Fascinating snippet regarding the orientation of buildings: “McDonough pointed out that many architects and builders don’t know how to find true south. If a compass is used, the compass indicates south, which can differ from true south by more than 15 degrees. Remember, orienting a home is about orienting the home to sun exposure, not […]