Links for August 20th through August 23rd

by Mel Starrs on August 25, 2011

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These are my links for August 20th through August 23rd: renewable heat | air source heat pumps | news | Air source heat pumps lead way in heating homes – “According to figures obtained by GreenWise today, just over 900 vouchers, totaling more than £750,000, have been issued so far under the Renewable Heat Premium […]


Links for April 7th through April 9th

by Mel Starrs on April 14, 2009

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These are my links for April 7th through April 9th: Insulation is king – part 2 – "When NOT to insulate Some properties, typically built before 1940, have no vertical damp proof course (VDPC) around the windows. They rely on the ventilation in the cavity to stop rainwater penetrating to the inside wall. In this […]


So the fuzzy image to the left is from left to right: James Lovelock (89), Micheal Meacher (69) and Crispin Tickell (78), with the chairman whose name I didn’t catch. I had the opportunity to see these three wise men speak at a Nature magazine sponsored talk at Kings Place, London on 9 March 2009. […]

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Biodiversity, BREEAM and LEED

by Mel Starrs on April 6, 2009


The UKGBC released a report called “Biodiversity and the built environment” on 31 March 2009. The portal was a couple of days late but was available when I checked on 3 April. I would recommend reading the full report (a quick read at 38 pages, mostly appendices). Below, I pull out the pertinent information regarding […]