Links for September 22nd through September 28th

by Mel Starrs on September 29, 2010

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These are my links for September 22nd through September 28th: Climate Committee tells government to simplify CRC – 24 Sep 2010 – – “Although a capped scheme could potentially cut overall emissions by 30 per cent by 2017 relative to 2008 levels, the committee warned that there is too much uncertainty over the extent […]


Buy books from me!

by Mel Starrs on September 14, 2009

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I’ve succumbed to the lure of turning the blog into a cash cow (not really). As I’ve been decluttering both physical and digital worlds I’ve noticed piles of books which I want to recommend and review. This clearly hasn’t happened, so as a stop gap, I’ve set up an amazon store with short reviews on […]


Links for April 7th through April 9th

by Mel Starrs on April 14, 2009

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These are my links for April 7th through April 9th: Insulation is king – part 2 – "When NOT to insulate Some properties, typically built before 1940, have no vertical damp proof course (VDPC) around the windows. They rely on the ventilation in the cavity to stop rainwater penetrating to the inside wall. In this […]


Links for March 17th through March 23rd

by Mel Starrs on March 24, 2009

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These are my links for March 17th through March 23rd: Built on Collaboration: Being disciplined – KPI's for use of extranets/collaboration tools – I love the idea of this. After all, what gets measured gets managed. However, will there be the temptation to file every email back and forth on where best to have the […]


How to read non-fiction

by mel starrs on November 10, 2008

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I’m an avid reader, a bookworm, a bibliomane, call it what you will. I’m seldom caught without a book in my bag. I’ve just finished several non-fiction which have been gathering dust on my shelves and before I launch into a few reviews I thought I’d share my top 7 tips for reading, in particular […]


Heuristics, theories and models

by mel starrs on October 20, 2008

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Clearing out some MBA stuff and keep coming across snippets regarding models, heuristics and concepts which I want to keep for future reference. Here are some: theories are stable explanations for recurring phenomena theorising is “sense making” “there is nothing so practical as good theory” 3 stages to theorising: concepts (define) conceptual framework (description of […]


Summer reading and listening

by mel starrs on August 6, 2008

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I’m thinking of asking for a wage from Building after the amount of copy they’ve had from me this summer ;o). Yesterday saw a list of summer reading and listening. My job title is slightly wrong (I’m a Principal Consultant at Inbuilt, and not in the housing team).  I could pull a Giles Coren and […]


by mel starrs on July 6, 2008

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What I’ve been reading about: Zero carbon targets debated at AECB conference – Discussions on renewables and greenwash Models of whole life costing – Building Services Journal – Book review by Hywel Davies of Whole Life-cycle Costing: Risk and risk responses BSRIA Infonet: Whole-Life Costing Analysis, Churcher D : Books & Downloads – Publications for […]


These are my links for May 27th through May 29th: 10 Reasons Gen Xers Are Unhappy at Work – Harvard Business Online’s Tammy Erickson – Why Gen X are ditching corporate companies for start-ups. As always with lists, there are some generalisations, but some insight here. Show Us Your Food: A Q&A With the Authors […]


These are my links for May 24th through May 25th: USGBC opens LEED 2009 up to public comment- 5/20/2008 9:16:00 AM – Building Design & Construction – The LEED Green Building Rating System was developed by USGBC to drive market transformation in the building industry by defining a consensus metric for leadership in green building […]