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Del.icio.us.ness for February 6th

by mel starrs on February 7, 2008

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What caught my eye today, February 6th: Answers to your questions (Jonathon Porritt) – Great interview with Jonathan Porritt. I particularly like his response to the thorny issues of BP/BAA and offsetting flights. FT no longer on the QT about wind power – Summary from Greenpeace on recent article on wind power in the FT […]


Knowledge Management – Quick wins

by mel starrs on November 27, 2007

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(another article I found sitting forlornly in my draft bucket since March for no apparent reason – late but not out of date) Dave Pollard has posted another excellent post on KM. The scary thing is how many of the things he says not to do, I have seen done at various (or many) employers. Including: […]


Futility and green appendages…

by mel starrs on February 28, 2007

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Mark Brinkley has been to EcoBuild. It obviously hit a nerve as he has a blinder of a post up on the contradictions of greening our economy. Well worth a read. He asks if he’s alone in his morass – he’ll find fine bedfellows in George Monbiot and Dave Pollard. Reading as much as I […]


Craig Macintosh over at Celsias has a somewhat Malthusian solution to global warming.  Rather than agriculture limiting population (and thus limiting carbon emissions, halting or reversing global warming) a major pandemic could do the job much swifter.  As I keep mentioning, Jared Diamond covers similar topics in ‘Collapse‘.  Gareth Kane has population on his mind too.  […]


More RSS love…

by mel starrs on January 31, 2007

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I know I bang on about RSS on a weekly basis these days, but it really will be the future – honest. Great article here on how law companies in particular are embracing the technology to help cut down the clutter in email inboxes. “It helps streamline existing forms of communication, so a company will […]


I haven’t mentioned Dave Pollard in a while – he writes some excellent stuff on the environment but also has a specialism in KM (knowledge management) – one of my own bugbears. This post gives the 16 golden rules for intranets, extranets and company websites. If you are in a large company wondering why no-one […]

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