Links for May 5th through May 11th

by Mel Starrs on May 12, 2009

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These are my links for May 5th through May 11th: BREEAM: BREEAM Extranet – Elements of the BREEAM Extranet are now available to all with a public log-in option – loving how BREEAM are continuing to open up to all. Multiple monitors boost productivity by 35.5% | 18 Feb 2009 | – Some bias […]


Defra news release: Details of a review of how the UK can make the most of the key opportunities that environmental protection can present for wealth creation and employment growth were released by the Government today (Wed). Environment Secretary David Miliband and Trade and Industry Secretary Alistair Darling will jointly chair a Commission on Environmental […]


  From DEFRA : Consultation on new regulations on ecodesign requirements for energy-using products This consultation relates to draft new regulations which will implement in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland a European Directive (2005/32/EC) establishing a framework for the setting of ecodesign requirements for energy-using products. We are seeking the views of all interested […]


First blogs, now wikis…

by Mel Starrs on August 16, 2006

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photo via Flickr David Miliband was one of the first MP’s to have his own blog and now he and DEFRA have a Wiki. If you don’t know what a wiki is, have a look at (the daddy of all wiki’s). Basically, it’s a site which you, the user, can edit. Changes are tracked […]


Defra have been busy – released this week are lots and lots of pretty graphs, facts and figures.  The pocket sized guide ‘Sustainable development indicators in your pocket‘ covering the 68 sustainable development indicators can be found here. Of particular interest to me were the indicators which have shown deterioration.  With the exception of aviation, […]