energy efficiency for March 9th

by mel starrs on March 10, 2008

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What caught my eye today, March 9th: How to save money running a startup (17 really good tips) – The article that started the workaholic furore. Leaving that point aside, the tips are pretty good, especially the second monitor and the expensive chairs. Look after your staff appears to be the mantra – it pays […]


Skyscraper Monday*

by mel starrs on August 6, 2007

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Plenty around on skyscrapers and tall buildings currently.  Fogetting for a minute Ms Greer, we have: New guidance from CABE on tall buildings. Tall buildings may in future be acceptable at outline planning consent stage provided the proposals are part of a robust and credible long term master plan. The new guidance (pdf, 8 pages), just […]


Green buildings in India

by mel starrs on June 21, 2007

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Found this great little article by M. BHUVANASUNDAR, chairman, Indian Institute of Architects, Coimbatore Chapter, Coimbatore in The Hindu on green buildings.  Two definitions of green to add to the arsenal: The voluntary pursuit of any activity, which encompasses concern for energy efficiency, environment, water conservation, use of recycled products and renewable energy is defined as […]


I’m not really stalking Matt Grace…

by mel starrs on May 2, 2007

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Looks like Matt Grace has moved to Enermodal Engineering (a Canadian company) in Calgary: Leading UK Sustainability Expert Joins Enermodal Calgary: Matt Grace, B.Eng., M.Sc., C.Env. Matt Grace brings to Enermodal 12 years of professional experience in sustainable building design and assessment, including work on office, institutional, industrial and housing developments, renewable energy and energy […]


EPC and HIPs – market forces?

by mel starrs on March 23, 2007

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Yvette Cooper estimates we need between 2,500 and 4,500 qualified assessors. She sets out how much setting up HIPs has cost here (£11.7m total). Let’s remind ourselves why HIPs and EPC exist: The Housing Act 2004 requires that a mandatory Home Information Pack (HIP) is put together on every home that comes to the market […]

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Caspar in Leeds due for demolition

by mel starrs on February 6, 2007

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CASPAR (city centre apartments for single people at affordable rents), a development of 42 apartments on North St in Leeds (just opposite Hansa’s Gujarati curry house) is now to be demolished. The Yorkshire Post have the latest developments here. Guardian report here and Treehugger comment here. It’s a cautionary tale. What lessons are to be […]


edit: this was originally posted 22 January, but I fear there may have been a glitch and it has been marked as private.  Odd.  Anyway, here it is again… Spotted via the IET headlines, this article in the Telegraph highlights the findings of a report in Energy Policy in December which criticises the fragmented approach […]


The Queen’s speech is now online here and the Climate Change Bill is on her list: My Government will publish a Bill on climate change as part of its policy to protect the environment, consistent with the need to secure long-term energy supplies. Other interesting bills include: A draft Bill will be published to tackle […]


A fascinating summary over at on why energy efficiency may not be the panacea some of us believed it to be. I’ve argued in the past that the way to reduce carbon is to start with the beginning and reduce the energy you use. However, some studies have looked at this in macroeconomic terms […]


Do you live in an A rated home?

by mel starrs on June 16, 2006

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On Wednesday DCLG announced details of the home energy certificates which must be in place due to EPBD (European Performance of Buildings Directive) by 2009. The UK version will be ready by next summer: The certificates will give home buyers and sellers A to G ratings for their home’s energy efficiency and carbon emissions. They […]