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A little book of change

by mel starrs on May 8, 2007

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A useful guide (pdf, 20 pages) from the Business Resource Efficiency & Waste Programme (BREW) in the Northwest England’s Northwest is a leader in supporting businesses, organisations and individuals to reduce their impact on climate change and improve overall environmental performance within organisations. This booklet will give you the contacts and tools to enable you […]


::via Green Building Press The EA (Environment Agency) have published a guide for developers (pdf, 90 pages): ‘practical advice on making developments better for people and the environment… how you can save time and money by contacting us from the very start of your project.’ The EA guide concentrates on issues outside the building – […]


::via Guardian EA have released a list of the top 100 environmentalists EVER. Some favourites of mine included in the list (with ideas for Xmas list reading and viewing): 4. David Attenborough – Sunday nights just wouldn’t be the same without Planet Earth 5. James Lovelock – I’d recommend two of his books Revenge of […]

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