Links for May 5th through May 11th

by Mel Starrs on May 12, 2009

in News

These are my links for May 5th through May 11th: BREEAM: BREEAM Extranet – Elements of the BREEAM Extranet are now available to all with a public log-in option – loving how BREEAM are continuing to open up to all. Multiple monitors boost productivity by 35.5% | 18 Feb 2009 | ComputerWeekly.com – Some bias […]


::via Guardian EA have released a list of the top 100 environmentalists EVER. Some favourites of mine included in the list (with ideas for Xmas list reading and viewing): 4. David Attenborough – Sunday nights just wouldn’t be the same without Planet Earth 5. James Lovelock – I’d recommend two of his books Revenge of […]

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