Miniature Earth

by mel starrs on April 11, 2007

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Found this using StumbleUpon (my new favourite way to procrastinate) – some fascinating statistics here. If you are sitting behind a firewall that won’t let you see youtube, the video without John Lennon soundtrack is also available here.


First we have what I class a ‘proper’ blog from Phil Clark over at Zero Champion (open comments, RSS, frequent posts, opinion, links). Then, the subscription firewall for many articles seemed to come down with much more content available for free. And now Building are embracing Second Life.  Second Life is one of those things […]


In brief: HIPS, renewables, timber and Arup

by mel starrs on February 7, 2007

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I’ve upgraded the blog to WP 2.1. This won’t make a difference to most of you readers, but the interface for my input is much easier, with word check built in! Yay. I’ve finished crashing through the backlog of blogs from the last week. Lots of interesting goings on: Yet another consultation (pdf, 26 pages) […]