Getting stuff done – GTD 2010

by Mel Starrs on December 19, 2010

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Recently the most asked question I find myself answering is “how do you have the time to blog?”. My facetious answer usually involves the fact that I have a cleaner, don’t have kids and live with a workaholic who spends at least as much time online as I do, but the more useful answer is […]


Links for December 11th through December 17th

by Mel Starrs on December 18, 2009

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These are my links for December 11th through December 17th: Is global warming unstoppable? – Another nutty theory or not?: "Garrett says his study's key finding "is that accumulated economic production over the course of history has been tied to the rate of energy consumption at a global level through a constant factor." That "constant" […]


Links for May 26th through June 1st

by Mel Starrs on June 2, 2009

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These are my links for May 26th through June 1st: Concentration Solar Power Module Integrates Into Side And Roof Of Buildings – min-CSP – intriguing but no data in the article to back up the theory: "The system, of which the international patent has already been requested, consists of a stationary lens and a linear […]


This is one of those posts which blogs were originally invented for – a record of something I did to my computer which I can refer to in the future, so I know how I did it. Every company I have ever worked for has used Outlook. As a tool, it has it’s limits in […]

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Links for May 5th through May 11th

by Mel Starrs on May 12, 2009

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These are my links for May 5th through May 11th: BREEAM: BREEAM Extranet – Elements of the BREEAM Extranet are now available to all with a public log-in option – loving how BREEAM are continuing to open up to all. Multiple monitors boost productivity by 35.5% | 18 Feb 2009 | – Some bias […]


These are my links for June 15th through June 18th: Carbon Trust publishes views on Green Tariffs | Carbon Trust – In light of these concerns, for voluntary reporting purposes, Defra recommends that organisations calculate emissions from renewable tariffs using the average electricity emissions factor for the UK Shh – don’t tell anyone – these […]


These are my links for April 1st through April 5th: How To Find Lost Objects – via LifeHacker – a 122 page pdf on a similar vein to IES <VE SBEM> EPC SOFTWARE MEETS 6TH APRIL DEADLINE – IES on the ball again when it comes to SBEM (even though their DSM software IMO […]


Lifehacking my thought processes

by Mel Starrs on September 19, 2006

in Productivity

I have been asked recently on a number of occasions ‘Why do you blog?’. I have a couple of answers depending on who asks the question, the most common (mostly to people I have worked with in the past) being ‘Remember how I used to send emails around to everyone when I found something interesting? […]