Links for November 24th through November 30th

by Mel Starrs on December 1, 2010

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These are my links for November 24th through November 30th: USGBC Announces ‘LEED Automation’ to Streamline and Create Capacity for LEED Green Building Projects | Chloregy – “The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), developers of the LEED green building program today announced LEED Automation, a new program in collaboration with leading technology companies that is […]


These are my links for August 30th through September 1st: Coal verses Nuclear (Jonathon Porritt) – I've not made much comment on George Monbiot's comments on nuclear – mainly because I agree with his qualifications. JP explains here why the green movement are in a kerfuffle about it by explaining: "a communicator as astute and […]


These are my links for June 3rd through June 4th: Stumbling and Mumbling: Greens vs “conventional economics” – Chris Dillow takes on Tony and Tim's spat over at CIF: "the question is not: environment versus economics? It’s the technical ones of how to create effective property rights, and how to price access to them." Good […]