Quite a week for PV (some of what follows also relates to other small scale renewables but PV is the main issue here). An announcement was made by HCA last week regards double counting funding with regards to FiT (feed-in-tariff). The gist is that FiT cannot be claimed by Partners on NAHP funded schemes for […]


Is it RIP CSH?

by Mel Starrs on March 7, 2011

in Code for Sustainable Homes

Does it feel like the end of days for Code for Sustainable Homes or is it just me? Remember of course that I love a bit of DOOM and can see a conspiracy theory behind every incompetent decision (I need to try and remember Hanlon’s Razor more often – “Never attribute to malice that which […]

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So news reached us today that Grant Shapps has ditched the HCA standards which had been proposed to come in April 2011. CLG heralded the move as Shapps: We’re lifting burdens from the backs of builders. Construction News were equally upbeat, announcing “Shapps announces dual boost for housebuilding“. But is it really good news? Let’s […]

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Links for October 13th through October 14th

by Mel Starrs on October 16, 2009

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These are my links for October 13th through October 14th: Launch of HCA and English Heritage Guidance set to pave way for new approach to masterplanning – Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) – "The Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) and English Heritage today launched its first joint 'How to' Guide outlining a new development-led approach […]