I am not a webmaster

by mel starrs on November 8, 2007

in Housekeeping

Gah.  Ever had that feeling that you have just enough knowledge to get yourself in trouble?  As you may have gathered from the odd formatting, my html skillz have some way to go.  I can’t figure out what I’ve done wrong (probably some wonky formatting in a post just about to slip off the page, […]


Comments and Feedblitz

by mel starrs on March 21, 2007

in Outlook, Wordpress and Other Tips

Apologies to all the folks who tried to leave comments over the past few days. Something went wrong with Feedblitz (which powers my email subscriptions) and it was redirecting comments to there. I’ve disabled the email subscription button on the side until I can work out how to fix it. If any geniuses out there […]