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I’ve been a fan of for some time now. Regular readers will know I use it to pull in short comments on topical articles. It’s an immense time saver for me. The website has been given a spruce up, and for me the best improvement is that the description field, instead of having the […]


Knowledge Management – Quick wins

by mel starrs on November 27, 2007

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(another article I found sitting forlornly in my draft bucket since March for no apparent reason – late but not out of date) Dave Pollard has posted another excellent post on KM. The scary thing is how many of the things he says not to do, I have seen done at various (or many) employers. Including: […]


I haven’t mentioned Dave Pollard in a while – he writes some excellent stuff on the environment but also has a specialism in KM (knowledge management) – one of my own bugbears. This post gives the 16 golden rules for intranets, extranets and company websites. If you are in a large company wondering why no-one […]

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