I’m deep into some competitive analysis for BREEAM services at the minute and whilst browsing through some websites found this very odd example. The chain of events went such: Find a BREEAM for schools assessor using Find website addresses on the list of assessors Go to Gifford website listed on the website Use the […]

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Building Design reports that at the BCO (British Council for Offices) conference in Dublin 2 weeks ago (I was unfortunately unable to attend), agents were concluded to be the main stumbling block in designing green office blocks: Developers, though, are not the biggest barriers to the spread of sustainable design. If occupiers will pay more […]


Ethics, economics and incentives

by mel starrs on May 10, 2006

in Economics

David Jeffery, at Oikos (an Australian based blog) has managed to articulate something I have been musing on for some time. As luck would have it, I have also just read the first chapter of ‘Freakonomics‘ which examines incentives (I’ll do a proper review of Freakonomics when I finish it). Anyway, David’s argument stems from […]


Learn, zero, sell, people…

by Mel Starrs on April 26, 2006

in Psychology & Marketing

I’m unashamedly pinching my topic today from a great post over at Inhabitat last week on ‘The Next Big Thing in Green Building‘. Guest writer Jared summarises his finding from the Developing Green conference. His four key ideas were learn, zero, sell and people. What I love about this medium (the internet) is the realisation […]


The views from RICS

by mel starrs on April 13, 2006

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Interesting article here Six years on from the Government’s publication of its strategy to promote sustainable construction – “Building a Better Quality of Life”, RICS asked quantity surveyors to assess how well the industry has progressed in becoming more energy efficient and socially or environmentally responsible. Unsurprisingly, developers are seen as the stakeholders contributing least […]