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Electric heating – the future?

by mel starrs on October 23, 2008

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Well, I never thought I’d write that as a blog title! I’m not a fan of electric heating and haven’t been since before I did some investigation into Part L back in 2002. However, as I was browsing through my copy of h&v news this week I came across an article by Kelly Butler of […]

{ 8 comments } for March 9th

by mel starrs on March 10, 2008

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What caught my eye today, March 9th: How to save money running a startup (17 really good tips) – The article that started the workaholic furore. Leaving that point aside, the tips are pretty good, especially the second monitor and the expensive chairs. Look after your staff appears to be the mantra – it pays […]


Back quickly

by mel starrs on December 18, 2007

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I know I said I had gone for Xmas, but a quick comment on the supplement to PPS1: para.  20: In particular, planning authorities should: – not require applicants for energy development to demonstrate either the overall need for renewable energy and its distribution, nor question the energy justification for why a proposal for such […]


Interactive map of UK renewable energy locations

by mel starrs on November 30, 2007

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Since August 2006 this resource has been available and I failed to mention it until now. From the press release: The collection of renewable energy statistics – began in 1989 via a project carried out by ETSU (now FES – a part of AEA Technology Environment) on behalf of the UK Department of Trade […]


Backlash against turbines

by mel starrs on November 9, 2007

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 I wrote this back in December last year and for the life of me I can’t remember what else I was going to add to it. It’s mostly all been said now, but the most interesting tidbit (which is why I’m publishing it now, woefully out of date) is the prediction from Arup – I […]


Green buildings in India

by mel starrs on June 21, 2007

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Found this great little article by M. BHUVANASUNDAR, chairman, Indian Institute of Architects, Coimbatore Chapter, Coimbatore in The Hindu on green buildings.  Two definitions of green to add to the arsenal: The voluntary pursuit of any activity, which encompasses concern for energy efficiency, environment, water conservation, use of recycled products and renewable energy is defined as […]


I’m not really stalking Matt Grace…

by mel starrs on May 2, 2007

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Looks like Matt Grace has moved to Enermodal Engineering (a Canadian company) in Calgary: Leading UK Sustainability Expert Joins Enermodal Calgary: Matt Grace, B.Eng., M.Sc., C.Env. Matt Grace brings to Enermodal 12 years of professional experience in sustainable building design and assessment, including work on office, institutional, industrial and housing developments, renewable energy and energy […]


Miliband’s webchat on 10 Downing Street

by mel starrs on March 1, 2007

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Following a tip-off from WorkinProperty (another new kid on the construction blogging block) I followed the proceedings here.  Not sure how long the chat will stick around so I’ve cut and paste it below the break for reference.  It was hard to determine how many of the questions were pre-picked and how many were ‘live’.  Some of […]


Gristmill have a great post up on how to answer critics who attempt to label those who attempt a greener lifestyle as hypocrites: The merits of carbon offsets are hotly debated, so erring on the side of caution would mean abjuring all carbon-emitting activities. That rules out all non-self-propelled travel; it means going off-grid and […]


Building Design reports that at the BCO (British Council for Offices) conference in Dublin 2 weeks ago (I was unfortunately unable to attend), agents were concluded to be the main stumbling block in designing green office blocks: Developers, though, are not the biggest barriers to the spread of sustainable design. If occupiers will pay more […]