The CAT Zero Carbon Britain 2030 report which came out 16 June 2010 has some interesting ideas in it, but I wasn’t immediately convinced by this one (as reported in the Ecologist): Thirteen million hectares in Britain are used mainly for grazing livestock and growing feed for them. By cutting the numbers of cows (by […]


These are my links for September 24th through September 26th: Fabric Insulation – ways of further raising performance standards for all types of building fabric: BD 2428 – Planning, building and the environment – Communities and Local Government – This report summarises building thermal performance requirements in Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands and classifies […]


by mel starrs on August 7, 2008

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What I’ve been reading about: Reader’s Rant – Building Services Journal – "BREEAM is about environmental damage reduction and not about sustainable development. Yet BREEAM is increasingly interpreted within the construction sector as being a metric for sustainable development. Use of the terms ‘very good’ and ‘excellent’ have become misleading because they are hijacked to […]