The importance of filters

by mel starrs on July 5, 2010

in Productivity

I regularly cull my RSS feeds. And I must admit, I add in as many as I dismiss. One I keep trying over and over again is Seth Godin. He got added back in and then deleted again in quick succession. This is not to say I don’t find his posts interesting. However, I trust […]


BSJ online facelift

by mel starrs on June 25, 2008

in Blogging and social networks

Everyone’s favourite monthly building services magazine has had an online facelift. The website now matches the look of the publication and there’s even 6 RSS feeds to subscribe to!


by mel starrs on May 14, 2008

in News

What I’ve been reading about: Design Builder – (Relatively) new kids on the DSM software block, 30 day free trial, uses the DOE Energy Plus engine. Anyone got any experience – good or bad? Task force gives housing the green light – "This is not about dumbing down or abandoning the concept of zero carbon. […]


More RSS love…

by mel starrs on January 31, 2007

in Blogging and social networks

I know I bang on about RSS on a weekly basis these days, but it really will be the future – honest. Great article here on how law companies in particular are embracing the technology to help cut down the clutter in email inboxes. “It helps streamline existing forms of communication, so a company will […]


I first was alerted to via Stuart Bruce, who originally was the one who pointed me in the direction of Simon Dickson, who I believe is instrumental in the design of the site. I was happy today to find a question on there relevant to me (via my bloglines keyword search for BREEAM). The […]


I haven’t mentioned Dave Pollard in a while – he writes some excellent stuff on the environment but also has a specialism in KM (knowledge management) – one of my own bugbears. This post gives the 16 golden rules for intranets, extranets and company websites. If you are in a large company wondering why no-one […]

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Sidebar goodies – RSS feeds for news and jobs

by Mel Starrs on October 23, 2006

in Housekeeping

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed my new sidebars.  I am experimenting with all that the new improved Google Reader is offering.  Rather than use ‘static’ blogrolls, I am using Google reader to tag items I hold as newsworthy and post to the sidebar.  Generally, these are snippets of news that have caught my […]


I was mooching around the CIBSE discussion forums today, lamenting why they weren’t active and what could be done about it. There’s a few problems with the forum: There is a members only discussion forum, locked away behind your membership number and a password – not information I could readily remember. The general discussion forum […]