Links for September 25th through October 1st

by Mel Starrs on October 2, 2009

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These are my links for September 25th through October 1st: "Passive" Heating and Cooling Is a Misnomer. It’s Active. : TreeHugger – "there are 36 Billion square feet of non-residential buildings from the 50s through the 80s that need to be retrofitted and greened. It ain't going to be easy." AIArchitect This Week | Buildings […]

{ 0 comments } for February 29th

by mel starrs on March 1, 2008

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What caught my eye today, February 29th: / Home UK / UK – Walkable, pleasant, urbane, hot – Not sure if Edwin Heathcote is defending the new wave of Middle East architecture and planning or not, but food for thought… Tim Harford’s top 10 undercover economics books – Jane Jacobs at No. 1 – […]


Population – a sticky issue

by mel starrs on September 14, 2007

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Madeleine Bunting in the Guardian on Monday wrote a piece on population.  Always a tricky debate, her main thrust was that the debate should enter the green mainstream, whereas currently it is seen as a marginalised issue (due to pressure from some quarters – Bunting cites the Pope and US pro-life factions). A book which […]