PVSYST 4.21 – software for PV design

by mel starrs on January 15, 2008

in Renewables

This has been sitting in my inbox since April 2006.  I can’t remember where I found the link originally.   PVSYST 4.21 is a PC software package for the study, sizing, simulation and data analysis of complete PV systems. It is suitable for grid-connected, stand-alone, pumping and DC-grid (public transport) systems, and offers an extensive meteorological […]


Academic Survey: Part L2A/NCM Software

by mel starrs on June 5, 2007

in Part L

I’m back, from outer Mongolia (literally).  Whilst I’ve been incommunicado for the past few weeks, I gather there have been interesting developments with HIPS.  I’m off to catch up on all the industry gossip – more comment to follow no doubt.  In the meantime, Rokia Raslan at Bartlett has a short academic survey on Part […]


LCC, SBEM, Part L and IES

by mel starrs on April 24, 2007

in Part L

I’m not at CIBSE conference – instead I am polishing the final draft of the MBA dissertation in anticipation of my upcoming career break (I finished paid employment on Friday) as I depart for distant shores next Monday. But if I was at CIBSE, I would be quizzing folks on the following press release : […]


Additional guidance has been published on the NCM FAQ’s page regarding how to deal with shared spaces within blocks of flats using iSBEM: Each flat is a separate dwelling and must be assessed using SAP (the relevant guidance is in ADL1A). However, the common areas in the flats are not classified as dwellings. As stated in ADL1A paragraph […]


I was contacted by Rokia recently, who is looking for help on the following research project.   My MBA experience has made me sympathetic to the need for meaningful survey responses when researching, so if you have a few minutes, please help out and fill in the survey. I have taken the survey myself and it’s […]


I almost fell off the sofa last week when I saw this ad on TV. According to the Construction Skills website: ‘The new advertising campaign ‘Make Your Mark’ features iconic buildings, which come to life in a specially animated style, evoking the sense of dreams becoming reality. For the first time this year we will […]