These are my links for June 3rd through June 4th: Stumbling and Mumbling: Greens vs “conventional economics” – Chris Dillow takes on Tony and Tim's spat over at CIF: "the question is not: environment versus economics? It’s the technical ones of how to create effective property rights, and how to price access to them." Good […]


These are my links for May 26th through May 27th: IES Launches Free Tool : VE- Ware – IES’s VE-Ware, which is available to download for free online, gives limited but incredibly valuable access to its world leading <Virtual Environment> Apache thermal analysis software. New and existing buildings can now have their energy and carbon […]

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by mel starrs on May 14, 2008

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What I’ve been reading about: Design Builder – (Relatively) new kids on the DSM software block, 30 day free trial, uses the DOE Energy Plus engine. Anyone got any experience – good or bad? Task force gives housing the green light – "This is not about dumbing down or abandoning the concept of zero carbon. […]


These are my links for April 18th through April 19th: Construction Blog Practice – New blog from someone at Constructing Excellence Asus Eee 900 to hit shelves on 1 May – – Going to hold out for the new and improved version (plus the 7" is nigh impossible to source instore in the US) […]


These are my links for April 1st through April 5th: How To Find Lost Objects – via LifeHacker – a 122 page pdf on a similar vein to IES <VE SBEM> EPC SOFTWARE MEETS 6TH APRIL DEADLINE – IES on the ball again when it comes to SBEM (even though their DSM software IMO […]

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by mel starrs on February 14, 2008

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What caught my eye today, February 13th: Energy performance certificates ? The software provider’s perspective – Building – More from IES on the impending EPC.


PVSYST 4.21 – software for PV design

by mel starrs on January 15, 2008

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This has been sitting in my inbox since April 2006.  I can’t remember where I found the link originally.   PVSYST 4.21 is a PC software package for the study, sizing, simulation and data analysis of complete PV systems. It is suitable for grid-connected, stand-alone, pumping and DC-grid (public transport) systems, and offers an extensive meteorological […]


FAERO ceases trading

by mel starrs on September 5, 2007

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Found this via the Energy Performance Certificates for All blog:    On 22nd August 2007, Faero Ltd’s board unanimously agreed that Faero Ltd should immediately cease to trade, and proceed towards corporate dissolution. The reasons are set out in the Notification of ceasing to trade       Whilst the website is now not functioning, old […]


iSBEM version 2.0

by mel starrs on May 23, 2007

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Firstly, is anyone still struggling along with the Access version of iSBEM?  Or is everyone using either Hevacomp, IES or TAS? Let me know in the comments. If you haven’t had a tinker with iSBEM yet, there is a new version out now, although some problems have been identified running it on Acess 2000. I […]


LCC, SBEM, Part L and IES

by mel starrs on April 24, 2007

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I’m not at CIBSE conference – instead I am polishing the final draft of the MBA dissertation in anticipation of my upcoming career break (I finished paid employment on Friday) as I depart for distant shores next Monday. But if I was at CIBSE, I would be quizzing folks on the following press release : […]