Links for August 7th from 14:13 to 14:37

by Mel Starrs on August 14, 2009

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These are my links for August 7th from 14:13 to 14:37: Wales waives planning for micro-renewables – Building – "The changes will enable householders to install certain types of domestic micro-generation equipment, including solar thermal panels, ground and water source heat pumps, and flues associated with biomass and combined heat and power systems, on or […]


Links for July 31st through August 4th

by Mel Starrs on August 7, 2009

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These are my links for July 31st through August 4th: By Degrees – White Roofs Catch On as Energy Cost Cutters – Series – – LEED rewards white roofs (heat island effect) and it also pops up in BREEAM Communities – but beware: "Still, the ardor of the cool-roof advocates has prompted a bit […]


Links for June 16th through June 21st

by Mel Starrs on June 23, 2009

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These are my links for June 16th through June 21st: The young generation with a new vision to build Britain | Art and design | The Observer – Fairly fluffy piece in the Observer on the new generation of iconoclast architects, more devoted to context, collaboration and sustainability than iconic buildings which celebrate individualism. Good […]


Links for May 5th through May 11th

by Mel Starrs on May 12, 2009

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These are my links for May 5th through May 11th: BREEAM: BREEAM Extranet – Elements of the BREEAM Extranet are now available to all with a public log-in option – loving how BREEAM are continuing to open up to all. Multiple monitors boost productivity by 35.5% | 18 Feb 2009 | – Some bias […]


These are my links for September 24th through September 26th: Fabric Insulation – ways of further raising performance standards for all types of building fabric: BD 2428 – Planning, building and the environment – Communities and Local Government – This report summarises building thermal performance requirements in Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands and classifies […]

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by mel starrs on January 3, 2008

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 edit: this is a bit of an experiement yet.  As I managed to update my January posts with new tags and categories today, they got tagged too, as I installed Auto Social.  I’ll turn it off again.  Also, the descriptions are abbreviated – must learn to stick to the delicious word count. So ignore the […]

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Random statistics

by mel starrs on October 1, 2007

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I follow over 200 feeds (yes, way too many) and one happens to be the National Statistics Office (I am a huge geek when it comes to stats, in case no-one had noticed).  Spotted this today. Population aged 100 years and over, as at 01 January, England and Wales This is showing an interesting trend.  […]


Academic Survey: Part L2A/NCM Software

by mel starrs on June 5, 2007

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I’m back, from outer Mongolia (literally).  Whilst I’ve been incommunicado for the past few weeks, I gather there have been interesting developments with HIPS.  I’m off to catch up on all the industry gossip – more comment to follow no doubt.  In the meantime, Rokia Raslan at Bartlett has a short academic survey on Part […]


Happy Blogday to me!

by mel starrs on April 11, 2007

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It’s been quite a year, but Elemental is one year old today. And to celebrate here’s some stats. My top 5 most popular posts are: What exactly is a zero carbon home then Gordon? In brief: HIPS, renewables, timber and Arup Is this the future for energy generation – magnets? Caspar in Leeds due for […]


Eco-Hobbit house in Wales

by mel starrs on January 16, 2007

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Came across this fantastically bonkers looking house in Wales. Tolkien eat your heart out: Although this goes against my usual ethos of not making eco-options open to criticism from the more conventional in society (green doesn’t have to mean tree-hugging, sandal wearing, beardy weirdy hippies), I do love this. Yes, it is highly unlikely to […]