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10 signs you might just be a geek

by Mel Starrs on March 23, 2009

in Fun

I’m not quite sure when I crossed the line from nerdy reader (a lifelong habit) to full on geekdom, but I suspect it was when I discovered blogs. I’m not ashamed by my geekiness, in fact sometimes I’m quite proud of it. But it wasn’t until I started working with a bunch of Gen Y’s […]


Cluetrain revisited

by mel starrs on October 27, 2008

in Blogging and social networks, Book Review

Ten years later, and still not everyone gets all of this. However, things are changing. Facebook has a lot to answer for. When my brother (a chef, so not often “connected” to the internet except by SMS) gets a twitter account, then I’ll know I can stop banging on about this stuff. In the meantime, […]

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