Links for April 21st through April 27th

by Mel Starrs on April 28, 2009

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These are my links for April 21st through April 27th: NGS GreenSpec – Materials – Embodied energy – Data on embodied energy is notoriously difficult to find. This is a useful source: "The figures included in the following table are a much-shortened and abbreviated adaptation of a survey published by the Sustainable Energy Research Team […]


These are my links for August 10th through August 15th: Blogs – RIBApedia – RIBApedia opens it's doors. Under the blogs page: "Blogs (or webblogs) are diaries written and disseminated on the web." Tempted to log-in and start tweaking stuff but the rules of engagement aren't clear? Do you have to be an architect to […]


First blogs, now wikis…

by Mel Starrs on August 16, 2006

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photo via Flickr David Miliband was one of the first MP’s to have his own blog and now he and DEFRA have a Wiki. If you don’t know what a wiki is, have a look at (the daddy of all wiki’s). Basically, it’s a site which you, the user, can edit. Changes are tracked […]