What I did on my holidays

by Mel Starrs on March 14, 2012

in Housekeeping

For those who’ve been trying to visit the site this week, you may have seen some error messages or strange layouts. I’ve been ‘on holiday’* and took the opportunity to clean up my wordpress install using this guide. Hopefully I have got rid of any nasty viruses and changed every password possible so I don’t […]

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Behold the crackberry…

by mel starrs on October 13, 2008

in Blogging and social networks

You may have noticed it’s been quite quiet around these parts. Life has been busy and it’s clearly not quite as easy to switch to knocking up a blog post whilst out socialising as it was when I was chained to my PC every night studying. I may have found a solution though. I am […]


Firstly, apologies for the hourly del.icio.us posts – I think I’ve fixed the problem now and there should only be one a day now at most. We shall see… Broadband services have resumed and I’m back on my old computer. After a year of being mothballed, it’s behaving remarkably well and I’m poking about at […]


Acronym spaghetti

by mel starrs on April 28, 2008

in Fun

As an industry, we love acronyms.  For newcomers this may be confusing.  I toyed with the idea of a seperate glossary page with links to sites, but that seemed quite a heavy workload.  So I compromised and added a WordPress plug-in which automatically displays acronyms (if I have defined them) when you hover your mouse […]



by mel starrs on March 30, 2008

in News

What I’ve been reading about: Amazon Simple Admin – Aha! I knew this had to exist – a simple way of putting amazon links into posts. WP plugin.